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Effects of Coronavirus on Standardized Testing

LTS will update this post as more information becomes available. Latest update: March 23, 2020  As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide, we can all feel the effects both personally and professionally. To slow the spread of this pandemic, it is vital that we follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and best practices. These include social distancing, which involves, increasing the physical distance between people to a maximum of 6 feet. This recommendation has led to the cancellation of many public events – including the administration of standardized tests. So, what should you do if you have a test coming up? Understanding the Effects of Coronavirus on Your Test If you’re wondering what to do about the logistics of your exam, ask yourself the following questions: Was it cancelled? If it was: How do you get a refund? How do you reschedule?     2. Was it postponed? If it was: How do you reschedule?     3. How does this affect application deadlines for college and grad school? What is the status of your exam? How does this affect your application? To find out the latest on exam-wide cancellations and postponements, check the test-maker’s official response on their website: SAT TOEFL IELTS To learn more about your already scheduled test, reach out to your testing center (if applicable). To learn more about application deadlines and decision dates, reach out directly to university admissions departments (expect delayed responses). What We Currently Know College Admissions Tests (SAT) The SAT has cancelled the May 2, 2020 SAT administration, as well as make-up exams for the March 14, 2020 exam. Students will be refunded. The College Board will create new test dates to replace these administrations but has not yet announced when these dates will be scheduled. If you were planning to take the March 14 SAT but found it was cancelled in your testing center, the College Board will refund your registration fee. IELTS IELTS has announced that testing will continue in the “vast majority of locations.” However, they have an extensive list of areas where the exam is cancelled, so be sure to check. Contact your local test center with questions. If your exam is not suspended, you are able to bring in and wear a mask, hands should be washed upon arrival, test report forms will be received by mail, and IELTS partners are offering free support material for affected test takers. TOEFL Many TOEFL exams in various testing locations have been postponed. If this happens to you, check both your email and your TOEFL account online; ETS notes “your test will be rescheduled in your account.” LTS’s Response If you are a current SAT, TOEFL or IELTS student, we know that your studying plans may be disrupted. We are offering all of our existing students the option to study online via a virtual class. Please send a message to our team at for more information. New LTS Students Are you thinking of starting your test prep, this might be a good time for you to fit in some extra studying. Please send us an email at for more details. Take Care We wish everyone the best at this stressful time! Please take good care of yourselves, your loved ones, and your community.

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