Effective English Classes

Effective English Classes

Our English classes are designed to help you communicate and succeed as a global speaker of English in a range of different environments – at school, university, work or when travelling and socializing.

The pedagogical model we promote is blended learning, which combines face-to-face classroom sessions with online practice sessions. Our methodology allows our students to progress twice as fast and make learning fun.

Our Effective English course is fully aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference, which is the worldwide standard for foreign language proficiency. Through the online placement tests, students can assess their initial level of English proficiency and benefit from a customized training program to upgrade their skills

This course is for

English language learners of all levels

Choose this course to

  • Communicate more fluently and accurately in English
  • Improve your English language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Increase your confidence as a learner and user of English
  • Enhance your pronunciation, vocabulary and ability to apply complex grammar structures in your everyday communication
  • Voice your opinions and share your ideas with native and non-native speakers in a variety of different contexts

Progress to

  • An internationally recognized qualification such as IELTS® or TOEFL® Exam to demonstrate your language skills

Course Description

Our Effective English course will give you the language skills and confidence to communicate effectively with native and non-native speakers in a variety of different situations. Throughout Effective English you will:

  • Practice your speaking skills through role-play, debates and presentations on current affairs
  • Learn how to write different types of communication such as reports, emails, articles and reviews
  • Listen to authentic materials such as TV and radio programmes to develop your comprehension skills
  • Read and understand a wide range of articles, stories and other texts
  • Learn new vocabulary and grammar structures suitable for your level

Course summary

Location – LTS Learning Centre

Min. Age – 16

Class size (Average / Max) – 7/12 Students

Language level – Basic & Intermediate

Days – (Mon – Fri) 8:30 a.m – 4:30 p.m

Effective English Course Fees

Beginner120 hours (3 months)60,00096,000
Elementary 120 hours (3 months)60,00096,000
Intermediate 180 hours (4.5 months)90,000144,000
Advanced 240 hours (6 months)120,000192,000