Preparing for and taking exams, is often an anxious and pressurized process. It is important to feel confident that you know what you are meant to be doing and are preparing in the most effective way.

At LTS, we not only teach our students necessary English skills but also strategies for each task on the exam papers. Our tutors will teach you effective revision and exam room techniques to ensure that you excel and meet your score requirements.

Why You Will Love Studying With LTS!

Highly Trained and Qualified Tutors

We only hire the best teachers who are qualified English teachers and have gone through the relevant test preparation training. In addition, we make sure that everyone on our team is a passionate, talented educator. Our tutors just don’t know the test; they know how to connect with you, explain complicated ideas and be patient whilst motivating you throughout your test prep.

Our students consistently rate LTS tutors as excellent.

The Most Engaging Small – Sized Classes

Our small sized classrooms are designed to allow our tutors to engage with the students and give them the attention that they need to improve their scores.

Our classes consist of 9/12 students on average.

One to One Support

Our tutors will provide continuous support throughout your studies and will work with you to create a personal study plan, designed around your goals. A number of writing tasks will be set with personalized feedback. At the end of the tuition period, you will be provided with a full test to rate you.

Score Increase Guarantee

We guarantee an increase in the scores from the placement test results to the end of the training.

Practice with Real Tests

Practice and familiarity are essential to earning a stronger score, so we provide a minimum of two full-length practice tests.

Throughout the training, students will be given real practice tests, mini tests and mock type exams to gauge their performance.

More flexibility and guidance

We understand that each student has unique needs, so our tutors ensure that they cater to the needs of each student exclusively and guide them through an appropriate pace.

Our tutors offer text message and email help to our students.

State of the Art Learning Centre

Our modern learning center is located in the quiet and serene Upper Hill business area. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art audio equipment, air – conditioned rooms, wide screens and comfortable seating to give you the best learning experience.

ETS Global Preferred Partner

LTS is an ETS approved testing center with full mandate for test registration and test administration. We are also the only testing center in East Africa approved by ETS Global to provide the TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior Tests.

Additionally, we are ETS Global Preferred Partner in Kenya.

SAT Service Provider in Kenya

LTS is the ONLY SAT service provider in Kenya with full mandate for test registration, test administration and test distribution.

Qualified and Experienced Test Administrators

LTS boasts of the most experienced and qualified test administrators to take you through your test experience.

Excellent Customer Service

Our able team of qualified staff will serve you with dedication to quality and fairness, accountability and professionalism, accuracy, reliability and timeliness and great commitment to customer service and experience.