Test De Francais


The Test De Franc╠žais InternationalTM (TFI) is a French language proficiency test for people whose native language is not French. It measures the everyday French language skills of people working in an international environment.
A standardized test that measures French proficiency on a single, continuous scale, the TFI test is for language learners of all levels, regardless of occupation or educational background. Test scores indicate how well people can communicate in French with others in daily life and workplace settings. The test does not require specialized knowledge beyond that of a person who uses French in everyday work activities.

Who Takes the TFI?

  • Individuals preparing for employment in organizations where French is used Personnel who use French in real-life work settings
  • Candidates for training to be conducted in French
  • Individuals in French-language training program

Why Take the TFI?

Using the TFI test, training organizations can group learners homogeneously, validate learner progress with an unbiased external test, and boost learner motivation. As a fair and objective measure of French proficiency, the TFI test enables you to:

  • Verify your current level of French proficiency
  • Qualify for a new position and/or promotion in a company Enhance your professional credentials
  • Monitor your progress in French

Department heads may determine the level to be attained before a candidate receives a certain degree or diploma. A minimum TFI test score may also be required of applicants for a particular course of study.