Everything You Need to Know About the SAT

Everything You Need to Know About the SAT

By Clara N. 

The SAT Test: Everything You Need to Know 

So you are excited about attending college abroad but wait you’re told you must take the SAT. WHAAAT!!! What a bummer you think…….Where do you start? What does SAT even mean anyway?

Well don’t worry too much about it. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and certainly not a magic -8 ball that will predict the rest of your future. So let’s try and debunk the SAT for you shall we?

What is the SAT test?

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and is offered by college board. The SAT is a college admissions test that universities use to assess a student’s college readiness. It’s not an IQ test.

When is the SAT test?

The SAT is taken 5 times a year in Kenya – March, May, August, October and December.

LTS is the ONLY authorized SAT Service Provider in Kenya with full mandate for registration, test distribution and test administration.

It is always advisable that you book for your test early to avoid the last minute rush which can be very inconveniencing and make you miss out on your college application deadlines.

What subjects does the SAT cover?

So the SAT tests reading, writing and language and math.

Let’s now look at what topics each section covers to give you a much better understanding.


SAT Test Subjects  


Writing & Language 

Math, no calculator and Math, calculator



–       Literary

–       Great Global Conversation or founding documents package

–       Science paired passage

–       Science passage with chart or graph

–       Humanities

–       Social Studies Passage

–       Science Passage

N.B; 1-2 passages will include a chart or table

–       Algebra

–       Geometry

–       Statistics and Data Analysis

–       Trigonometry

N.B. Expect to see charts and graphs in this section too!

How do I register for the SAT?

Well that’s pretty easy. You can simply register here.

Where do I take the SAT?

When it comes to choosing a test center, make sure that you select one that’s closer and more comfortable for you to get to.

You can find the test centers in Kenya here.

How hard is the SAT?

The SAT might appear difficult the first time you take it, but it’s really not that difficult if you put a lot of practice into it. The secret to passing the SAT is doing a lot of practice. The more you study, the easier it gets. Knowing the format of the exam, and some strategies to tackle its favourite type of questions, can help you improve your score tremendously.

Ready to give it a go? Try our SAT test preparation classes.

How is the SAT scored?

The SAT is scored on a scale of 400-1600.

This is what the score structure looks like:

Total Score: 400 – 1600

Evidence – Based Reading and Writing Section which is basically the Writing and Language Section: 200 – 800

Math Section: 200 – 800

So your total score would involve adding them all together.

Early SAT preparation will definitely help you get a good score but if you do not pass the first time, you can resit and take it a second time. Students usually do better the second time.

If you would like to make sense of the scores, you can read more about it here. Keep in mind though that the 200 – 800 scores are the key scores that colleges are really concerned about.

What is a good SAT score?

Well that’s a good question. The average SAT score is currently 1068. For most students, a score above this is pretty darn good.

Like I had mentioned above, you will receive two sectional scores. One Math and Verbal (combined from the Reading and Writing Sections)

Math SAT Score Range: 200 – 800 Points

Verbal SAT Score Range: 200 – 800 Points

The average SAT score on each section is 500 points, give or take 30 points. Your Math and Reading/ Writing Sectional scores add up to a composite (combined) score. The highest composite score you can earn on the SAT is 1600 points.

In general, 1200 is a pretty good score; 1300 is a clearly a good score and 1400+ is a great score.

When are SAT scores released?

SAT scores are normally available 21 days after the test date. You will be able to view your scores from your college board account and the institutions that you had indicated also receive the scores at the same time.

If you do not have an SAT online account, you are entitled to paper scores however, if you have an online account, then you MUST indicate on your online account when creating it that you would like to get paper scores. Opting to receive paper scores will not stop you from viewing your scores online.

How can I best prepare for the SAT?

Evidently, it’s very important to prepare for the SAT and do it early enough in order to monitor your progress and put in more time where you need to before actually taking the test.

Here at LTS, we help our students do just that. Our classes are designed to give you confidence, understand the SAT exam content and structure and help you get the score you need. You will study with enthusiastic and expert tutors who love to teach.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started on your SAT and on to your dream uni!!!

Final thoughts

SAT requires persistence, a lot of determination and practice if you want to get a high score. So get your reading on……..


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